Stipple ceilings, also called popcorn ceiling, are a textured ceiling finish that can be found in many homes across Ottawa. This style of finishing ceilings is very popular among home builders because it is a very forgiving finish. The ceilings do not need to be perfectly finished because the texture of the stipple will mask most imperfections. Lets be honest, these stipple ceilings are a drag. They do not look clean and are almost impossible to touch up. A perfectly flat ceilings will give your ceilings the effect of seeming taller and will give the room a refreshing feel. See some the pictures from our projects of stipple ceiling removal in Ottawa. 


Before the magic happens

At this point the ceiling has been power sanded, has received 2 skim coats of drywall compound to ACHIEVE a smooth finish. A coat of primer is applied and we inspect every inch of the ceiling with a powerful spot light to find any imperfections.

To finish it all off the ceilings gets primed a 2nd time, then 2 coats of premium ceiling paint are applied. 

We have been offering stipple ceiling removal in Ottawa to our clients for over 5 years but this was always a very expensive and messy process. Today we are pleased to offer dust free stipple ceiling removal. Using the latest dust free sanding technology we are able to collect 99% of the dust before it hits the ground. These powerful machines also make the process more efficient. You can now have those flat ceilings you have always dreamed of for less and without the mess. Contact us today for a free estimate and find out why we are your best choice for stipple ceiling removal in Ottawa. 



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